There are so many different herbal supplements available today that claim to enhance male sexual performance in a way that is similar to, and safer than, prescription medications. Sexual health is a prominent issue, and there are plenty of men that are looking for as many options as possible. One such option is the herbal supplement Cobra.
Cobra uses a proprietary blend that is designed to promote stamina, vitality and increase sensation.


Cobra’s proprietary blend is a combination of time-tested remedies that have been long suspected of improving male sexual performance. One of the key ingredients, yohimbe, is an African herb derived from the bark of the yohimbe evergreen. African natives have long used yohimbe as a remedy for impotence and to improve sexual desire and performance. Saw palmetto is included for its proven ability to support healthy prostate function. There is also Eleuthro, an adaptogenic herb native to Siberia and China that reportedly promotes resistance to stress and fatigue. Horny goat weed is a staple of many similar supplements, and makes its appearance in Cobra. Damiana is an herb derived from the damiana shru native to parts of Central and South America. It as been used for centuries for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities, usually imbibed in a tea. Contemporary holistic formulas often include damiana for much the same reason.


Cobra’s proprietary blend is chock full of holistic remedies that have been shown time and time again to be effective in addressing a whole list of sexual issues.

The product itself is relatively inexpensive when compared to other comparable products. Cobra is widely available, either online or at many health and wellness stores. The product’s website contains a long list of stores that carry Cobra.


There does not seem to be any sort of money back guarantee or special pricing for bulk orders. Also the claim that the product can be taken everyday as well as one hour before sexual activity is inconsistent with the notion that male enhancement supplements work best when taken over a period of weeks in order for the product to have a cumulative effect.

Review Summary

In a market that is saturated with competition, some manufacturers of male enhancement supplements will often resort to making wild claims about their product. Not so with TestoGen. The makers of Cobra offer a no-nonsense product at a reasonable price that stays within itself. The ingredients are typical of a Male Enhancement formula.