Legend has it that centuries ago, Chinese goat farmers noticed their male goats, young and old, becoming more sexually active after grazing on Epimedium plants. Hence, the common name for Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed. It is now used as a key herbal ingredient in most male enhancement supplements. These herbs and natural remedys have been used by men for thousands of years for problems men still have today. So if you’re feeling a little uneasy or embarrassed about having erectile dysfunction issues, just know that it has been around for some time and those men had to go ‘pick weeds’ to remedy their problems. It is convenient to have it all fixed up in tablet form today, easy to acquire without a prescription and ordered online so it is discreet too.

Vazomyne claims that they have all the ingredients that it takes to enhance your own body’s natural sexual function to increase the strength of your erections, improve your sex drive, and even increase your energy levels.

With a daily TestoGen tablet, within 10 -12 weeks, you should start to see improvements in all these areas, giving you a better sexual experience, and your partner too! Expert and Customer Reviews
There are customer reviews listed on the Vazomyne website that praise what the product has done for their sex lives. I haven’t had any luck finding any ‘real’ testimonials. It may be the fact that some men just want to keep it private.

Or there are not many men who have used this particular male enhancement. It has been on the market over 5 years, but less than 10, according to Vazomyne’s website. Money Back Guarantee
There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered by Renaissance Research, the makers of Vazomyne. You can purchase Vazymyne for $40.00 straight from their website. There is a catch though, the website clearly states that after taking Vazomyne consistantly every day, it may be twelve weeks before you start to see results. So in 30 days, it might be a difficult decision to make whether to send the product back or keep using it another two months to see if it will actually work or not. Ingredients
Part of the ingredient list is 521mg of proprietary blend of herbs and Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract with 300mg.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, 300mg
Proprietary Blend 521mg Cynomorium Songricium
Epimedium Extract (Horny Goat Weed)
and Maca Root
Vazomyne contains some commonly used herbs for erectile dysfunction issues. The proprietary blends always throws me off a little. I know it’s supposed to be a secret, (the amounts of each ingredients), but some herbs don’t have any effect unless there is a certain amount used.

There is no way of knowing how potent a product is if you are not made aware of the exact ingredient amounts. On Vazomyne’s website, there are deals and offers of free products with your order. Your first order of Vasomyne cost $40.00 plus S H. You are also enrolled in their elite club that gives you even more deals. It is supposed to be convenient for you in a way that, instead of you having to place orders monthly, Vazomyne just sends you their product and charges your credit card automatically. You have to tell them if you don’t want this offer or it will continue.