Ropex, developed in the 1960’s in Sweden, has a little bit of a different claim than most of the male sexual health products. The makers of Ropex claim that their product can increase the intensity of ejaculatory contractions, while at the same time increase the amount and quality of the semen that is ejaculated. The manufacturer focuses their ad copy of the increase in intensity of the orgasm. This seems to be their main selling point.


The website does not disclose their full ingredient list. What is told is that it contains Secale Cereale, Phleumpratence and Zea Mays, as well as “a myriad of micronutrients to include all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, phytosetrols, and antioxidants.” This lack of disclosure could lead to a potential contraindication of use with other supplements or prescriptions users may be taking. Secale Cereale is actually only common rye. It is, however, sometimes used by holistic healers as an energy booster, allergy relief, and immune system booster. It really has no use whatsoever in sexual health products. Likewise, Zea Mays is ordinary corn silk. It is used to treat issues with the urinary tract and acts as an antiseptic, but, again, it really has no use in this product.


The website does list some testimonials. It is also very informative about the ejaculation process and how an orgasm is formed. It does an adequate job of explaining the route of the semen during the ejaculation process. It does not, however, explain how their product can aid in increasing the intensity of the orgasm. There is a quantity discount offered on the website, however, the costs are very high.


The ingredients seem to be only fillers, with no real function in the intended use of this product. There is no inclusion of an aphrodisiac or testosterone booster.

According to the website, the product is very expensive and there is no mention of a money back guarantee.

Review Summary

The makers of TestoGen stake their main claim as the ability to increase the quality of orgasms as well as their frequency. The problem is that there appears to be no ingredients in this product that will have any effect on either of these claims.

Consumers who try this product may be very disappointed with the results achieved and given the expense of the product, along with the lack of a money back guarantee, they may be wise to steer clear of it and investigate other, more proven formulas.