TestoCell Balance is designed especially for women. This product is designed to deliver safe, natural testosterone-boosting botanical ingredients directly into your system. TestoCell balance delivers their formula through the transdermal route (through the skin). As a gel, TestoCell balance is applied to the skin and is left on all day to absorb into your system. Vienue claims that through their effective liposome transdermal delivery system that you will absorb a higher percentage of the product than by any other route. Vienue states that women need testosterone as part of their overall hormonal balance to help increase libido, strength, and energy.
Ingredients Contained in TestoCell Balance


TestoGen is said to be all natural and safe for women to take. Ingredients include DHEA which has been shown by studies to increase Testosterone and Tribulus Terrestris which has been shown to stimulate androgen receptors in the brain which in turn increases libido (sex drive). TestoCell Balance also contains several other natural ingredients that are good for the body and the skin.


TestoCell Balance is delivered though the skin as a gel. With this process it is difficult to know how much is being absorbed into the body. Money back guarantee is for only 30 days and you are only able to refund one container. Shipping costs are not refunded. There are also several studies that debate the ability of increasing testosterone levels through the transdermal route.


If TestoCell Balance works as well as Vienue states then this could be a useful product. I’ve seen mixed reviews on this product. I would recommend looking into consumer reviews about this product and look into how easy of a company Vienue is to deal with. Overall if you are looking to increase energy and libido (sex drive) this product may be useful for you.